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Our Process

Our long term goal for our clients is to create a fast, reliable, secure and productive computer and network environment. Many of our clients experience a significant reduction in support incidents and costly service calls soon after the initial phases of our support relationship,

Step One: Getting to know you

Meeting with you is an important first step in determining whether or not we will be a good match for your company or organization.  This exploritory meeting will usually cover the following topics:


  • Your current operating system environment
  • Issues, Goals and concerns over your Computers and Network
  • Current and future project lists
  • Our Process

Step Two: Site Survey and Remote Access Preperation


Either the same day or after rescheduling for a future date, SunnyLink Systems will begin a comprehensive site survey and prepare your network for PCI compliant remote access.  This will allow Sunnylink to perform an in-depth analysis of your network and computer systems.  We will:


  • Perform a complete hardware inventory
  • Evaluate and take record of the network infrastructure
  • Evaluate your current server environment
  • Review current cloud based services
  • Address any critical security related issues
  • Document user configurations
  • Overview current ISP and Telephony service providers
  • Review hosting and e-mail service configuration

Step Three: Recommendations and Implementations

SunnyLink will assess all information collected in Step Two and consult with you on recommendations based on the operating environment profile we compile.  We will schedule and begin working on the following (if approved):


  • Projects requested or recommended
  • Recommended network improvements
  • Setup managed services
  • Moving approved end point protection to cloud based services if needed
  • Install or reconfigure reliable backup system (onsite and/or cloud based)
  • Recommended security improvements
  • Move recommended services to cloud based platforms
  • Move hosting & email services to more secure and less costly environments.

Step Four: Proactive Support

Ongoing Proactive support is paramount in maintaining a healthy network and productive computer environment.  SunnyLink will provide the following in order to obtain that goal:

  • Proactive remote support to immediately address potential issues before they become a serious problem
  • On-site support
  • Utilize our state of the Art in-house lab when needed
  • Remote access support
  • Help Desk Support
  • Call-In Phone support
  • 24/7 Backup Monitoring and Verification
  • Proactively address security issues
  • Maintain operating system updates and service packs
  • Monitor domain, hosting, & email services to maintain the highest standards in security and take advantage of lower cost options
Your Information Technology, Voice over IP, Surveillance, & Access Control Specialists
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